New Phase

I’ve been back in CA for almost two weeks now, but I only moved into my new place a few days ago. I’ve been busy buying home furnishings, kitchen stuff, appliances, and food. Also, since I am now a permanent CA resident I got to visit the local DMV office to get a CA driver’s license. I was expecting a horrendous wait, but was pleasantly surprised with the fast service. I was in-and-out of there in an hour. I also got a 100% on the written test and I couldn’t help but smile a bit 🙂  Work starts on Thursday and I am a little nervous but also excited for this new phase.

There is tons of great trails to run that begin 1/4 from my front door down the road at Edgwood Park. I can use Edgewood to connect to the Crystal Springs Trail, Huddart, Woodside Town trails, and even Portola Valley. Sweet!


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  1. Buddo says:

    Hey, I found your site a few weeks ago. I really dig it. Good luck in this new phase of your life and keep pushing it on the hills. Later.

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