New Waterfalls

The following waterfalls are either new to me or new to documenting on the list:

  1. Supernatural Pool:
  2. Crevice Slot (FKS): A stunning slot canyon with emerald pools and waterfalls.


  3. Serpent Narrows: No waterfall but a stunning narrows. 0ED7DE9A-6F49-4E11-99BA-1DCB02D200E1
  4. Precipice Falls * (110 ft est) (FKS): This falls tumbles down a mineral-encrusted slide covered in moss before reaching an overhanging precipice where it free fall for the final duration of its plunge into a grove of old growth redwoods.
  5. Phantom Slot (25 ft) (FKS): A tremendous slot canyon in a sandstone formation with hanging maidenhair and woodwardia ferns. The top of the slot has a waterfall within giant talus boulders.  78E556EC-32CC-40FD-8E0E-AC686FA1BE25
  6. Ursa Falls (60 ft) (FKS):  A pretty falls in a remote corner of the Ventana Wilderness within an old growth grove of incense cedar. 17E25411-238B-43CF-848D-65760DF8A2BF
  7. Formidable Gorge:
  8. Corkscrew Falls (40 ft) (FKS): A series of small falls chiseled into a rugged canyon. C8E5DA9B-8148-4F78-9E9C-561A05589E5D (1)
  9. Tassajara Gorge: An impressive rugged section of creek with steep walls on both sides and a large pool. An old trail bypasses the pool by climbing up to a tremendous viewpoint between a large bend in the creek in the most rugged corner of the gorge.  BE368D39-0188-44D8-875C-9EB092C84271E4B51B1F-29AC-444F-AB2B-D07162F65528
  10. S Curve #1 (19 ft): A slide and pool feature in the bedrock. 95C8573E-3DED-40D9-A7CD-52A58487BCAC (1)
  11. S Curve #2 (10 ft): Another slide and pool feature downstream.EE6B25D1-A4E3-43E6-91A4-ACF32EBC18F5
  12. Woodwardia Narrows: Woodwardia ferns! 24055CD3-692C-47A1-9734-B9C49AF4A525
  13. Rattlesnake Slot: No waterfall but a pretty slot canyon in a sandstone formation. 
  14. Saturn Pool (20 ft): A gorgeous small falls into a large pool with a disc shaped rock wall. 
  15. Lower Spirit Falls Sequence (totalling ~60 ft): Series of three falls in a rugged gorge. 7F190B6F-D43D-49FA-971B-5AB794AB557A
  16. Middle Spirit Falls Sequence (totalling ~60 ft): The middle fall sequence, separate and distinct from lower and upper Spirit Falls. 4D0F0C50-22DB-42F1-8DE0-4ADCA3580B9C
  17. Upper Spirit Falls Sequence (totalling ~60 ft): Upper sequence of three falls. 7085104B-EA9A-459C-9F49-5D6A1E040E77
  18. Highest Spirit Falls (20 ft):
  19. Oryoki (20 ft): Three pools separate by small slides.  
  20. Pine Bathtub (15 ft): An inviting bathtub feature in the bedrock. 
  21. West Fork Falls (tallest ~25 ft): Several short falls compose this falls set in lush redwood forest. The tallest falls is around 25 ft with a couple other steps in the 15-17 ft range.
  22. Mossy Slab Falls (20 ft): This cataract drops over moss covered slabs. 29C899D4-CFC0-4263-A7C4-A6205FF7A59B
  23. El Gato Falls (40 ft): This falls tumbles down a rock face. 
  24. Rodeo Falls (several small falls): A series of several small waterfalls in a remote drainage. 1E90673D-C72A-427A-99D0-FB6073F5E756
  25. Summit Falls (50 ft):  This falls may be the highest in the Ventana. 
  26. Overhang Hole
  27. Lower Overhang Hole
  28. Valley Oak Pool
  29. Cave Pool
  30. Newt Hole