Big Sur/Ventana Wilderness Adventure Running Map HERE

Annotated Photos: Check out the complete set of Annotated Panoramas on Flickr. All Photos and annotations by Leor Pantilat. 

Annotation Key: 

  1. View from unnamed dome in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite NP
  2. Cathedral Range View from High Sierra Camps Loop, Yosemite NP
  3. Glaicer Point View winter & summer comparison, Yosemite NP
  4. Stone Ridge Direct, Cone Peak, Ventana Wilderness
  5. Winter view from Glacier  Point, Yosemite NP
  6. Winter view from Dewey Point, Yosemite NP
  7. Wide panorama from Winter Alta, Sequoia NP
  8. Route up Winter Alta, Sequoia NP
  9. Great Western Divide from Mount Silliman, Sequoia NP
  10. Palisades from Mount Silliman, Sequoia NP
  11. Palisades from Mount McDuffie, Kings Canyon NP
  12. Northern Yosemite from Volunteer Peak, Yosemite NP
  13. Eldorado Ice Cap from Austera Peak, North Cascades NP
  14. View from Primus Peak, North Cascades NP
  15. Yosemite High Country from Mount Dana, Yosemite NP
  16. Ritter Range and Cathedral Range from Kuna Peak, Yosemite NP
  17. LeConte Divide and Red Mountain Basin from Red Mountain, John Muir Wilderness
  18. The Great Western Divide & Tablelands from Winter Alta, Sequoia NP
  19. The Great Western Divide from Winter Alta, Sequoia NP
  20. Southern Pickets from Luna Peak, North Cascades NP
  21. Southern Pickets, North Cascades NP
  22. View from Mount Williamson, Sequoia NP
  23. Northern Palisades from Dusy Basin, Kings Canyon NP
  24. Dusy Basin, Kings Canyon NP
  25. Northern Palisades from Palisade Glacier, John Muir Wilderness
  26. The Kaweah Range from Milestone Mountain, Sequoia NP
  27. The Picket Range from West McMillan Spire, North Cascades NP
  28. Northern Pickets from East Fury, North Cascades NP
  29. The Great Western Divide from Moose Lake, Sequoia NP
  30. Tuolumne Meadows and vicinity from Mount Dana, Yosemite NP
  31. Alpine lakes from Banner Peak, Ansel Adams Wilderness
  32. View from Parsons Peak, Yosemite NP
  33. Desolation Six Summits, Desolation Wilderness
  34. Desolation Route, Desolation Wilderness
  35. Ptarmigan Traverse Route to LeConte Glacier, Glacier Peak Wilderness
  36. Ptarmigan Traverse Route from Spider-Formidable Col, Glacier Peak Wilderness
  37. Ptarmigan Traverse Route to Spire Col, Glacier Peak Wilderness
  38. Middle Palisade Route, John Muir Wilderness


High Sierra:

A list of notable mountains I have climbed in WA and CA (no particular order and needs updating):

Notable Peaks in Washington State:

  1. Mount Rainier (3)
  2. Mount Adams
  3. Mount Baker
  4. Glacier Peak
  5. Mount Stuart
  6. Mount Shuksan (2)
  7. Goode Mountain
  8. Mount Logan (2)
  9. Mount Buckner
  10. Mount Maude
  11. Mount Fernow
  12. Seven Fingered Jack
  13. Fortress Mountain
  14. Chiwawa Mountain
  15. Clark Mountain
  16. Eldorado Peak (4)
  17. Dorado Needle
  18. Forbidden Peak (2)
  19. Sahale Mountain (3)
  20. Klawatti Peak
  21. Austera Peak
  22. Mount Redoubt
  23. Mount Challenger
  24. Mount Fury
  25. Luna Peak
  26. West McMillan Spire
  27. Snowfield Peak (2)
  28. Snowking Mountain
  29. Mount Formidable
  30. Sentinel Peak
  31. Dome Peak
  32. Colhuck Peak
  33. Mount Olympus (2)
  34. Sloan Peak
  35. Del Campo Peak
  36. Silver Star Mountain
  37. Lemah Mountain
  38. Ruth Mountain
  39. Whatcom Peak
  40. Crater Peak
  41. Ruby Mountain
  42. Mount Daniel
  43. Keyes Peak
  44. Three Fingers
  45. Mount Pugh
  46. Hibox Mountain
  47. South Brother (Olympics)
  48. Kaleetan Peak
  49. Primus Peak

Notable Peaks in California:

  1. Mount Williamson
  2. Black Kaweah
  3. Mount Sill (2)
  4. Middle Palisade
  5. Clyde Minaret
  6. Mount Darwin
  7. Mount Mendel
  8. Mount Goddard
  9. Bear Creek Spire (2)
  10. Mount Gabb
  11. Mount Abbott
  12. Mount Haeckel
  13. Mount Wallace
  14. Points John, Wesley & Powell
  15. Picture Peak
  16. Royce Peak
  17. Merriam Peak
  18. Feather Peak
  19. Mount Banner
  20. Mount Ritter
  21. Mount Lyell (2)
  22. Mount Maclure (2)
  23. Mount Conness (2)
  24. North Peak
  25. Matterhorn Peak
  26. Sawtooth Peak
  27. Thompson Peak (Trinity Alps)
  28. Half Dome
  29. Clouds Rest
  30. Mount Shasta
  31. Mount Dade
  32. Whaleback
  33. Milestone Mountain
  34. Midway Mountain
  35. Alta Peak
  36. Winter Alta
  37. Mount Dana
  38. Mount Vogelsang
  39. Volunteer Peak
  40. Mount McDuffie
  41. Crown Point
  42. Mount Agassiz
  43. Columbine Peak

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Micah Berg says:

    Hey. Great pictures from you Snofield peak climb back in 2005. I was actually up there in august of 2005 and took many of the same pictures. I was wondering if you knew anything about the old path/trail up Colonial Creek starting at the highway? I was heard that there was a path there back in the 60’s and when we were camping we saw a few guys camping near the base of colonial peak. If you know anything about this or know anyone who might, i would really appriciate it. Also, have you ever doe the isolation traverse which is apparently from snowfield peak to eldorado….any info on either of these inquiries would be much appriciated. Thanks and have a great climbing season!

  2. Quinn says:

    have you ever ran up Mt. Shasta?

    i was looking down your list and couldn’t see it. By the way-good job for stinson beach. you ran roundtrip from the top to bottom and back?

    Also have you done the dipsea run?
    when i was 14 not long ago i completed the run in 58/59 minutes!!

    i love your site. very cool.


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