Waterfall Project: Part IV

This page includes the next set of waterfalls from 151 to 158. For 101-150 see Part III. For 1-50 see Part I. For 51-100 see Part II.

  1. Stone Falls (80 ft aggregate): A nice series of small falls located beneath Stone Ridge. There’s quite a bit of debris due to low flow most of the time. 
  2. Sierra Falls (100+ ft): A tall two-step falls off the ocean bluffs that falls virtually onto the sand. The lower segment is far and away the taller of the two. The falls is fairly ephemeral and only produces substantial flows after heavy rain.

  3. Ventura Falls (100+ ft): Around the corner from Sierra Falls is an even taller, but more ephemeral falls. I look forward to returning when the falls is in peak flow after heavy rains.
  4. Fuller’s Falls (60 ft+): Hear the sound of waves crashing ashore and water falling from above simultaneously. A unnamed stream from a small drainage flows over all ocean bluffs and nearly onto the beach. The falls is surrounded by cliffs adorned with pampas grass.  

  5. Grimes Gorge (50 ft): A series of cascades totaling 50 ft in a picturesque narrow gorge at the mouth of Grimes Canyon and the incredibly rugged Grimes Point.   
  6. Graves Falls (20 ft): A 20 ft falls at the mouth of Graves Creek with additional small falls upstream.
  7. Mocho Creek Falls (18 ft): Located just upstream of Mocho Creek’s confluence with the South Fork Little Sur River, Mocho Creek Falls is a pretty falls in a cliffy nook with a garden of hanging ferns beside it. 
  8. Launtz Falls * (100+ ft over multiple steps): Launtz Falls is at the base of  a small tributary descending from Launtz Ridge that flows into the Little Sur River. The bottom of the falls is visible from the usepath to Fox Usecamp and you can get a sense there is much more above, but it is not clearly visible unless you cross the Little Sur River and ascend the ultra steep slopes on the other side. Upon climbing the slopes a tall falls presents itself flowing over a lush cliff face.  See video footage of Firehose Falls in the Little Sur Circular Pools video above.