Nice Sunset

Nice Sunset 6/10/2006

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Nice sunset color from my house in Sammamish, WA.


One more to go!

Antitrust is complete! I took the exam this morning. I did my best and I felt good about the exam. Studying for property this evening was rough through. My head was already drained and a lot of the material is not the most interesting in the world. That test will probably be the most challenging of any I have taken in law school so far (judged by previous exams I have looked at). I studied hard for it all week and once again, I will try my best. Either way, I will be relieved when it is over at 12:30 tomorrow.

Otherwise, I found some time to hit Arrillaga for the last time before summer this evening. I came through with some benching, cable-cross overs, and a few other things. It was nice to let the brain muscle take a break for an hour.

I am really excited to see my mom tomorrow right after the exam. We got quite a bit of work to do to pack out of my apartment, but compared to the property exam, it will be a pleasure! Then, we head over to my sister Talli and David’s tomorrow evening which should a great time too.

Antitrust tomorrow

Antitrust exam tomorrow morning at 9 am. We went over old exams and problems today, I think I am as ready as I ever will be. I am going in confident. I will look at the outline one last time tonight.

NBA: The Detroit Pistons are in a free-fall losing three games in a row. As NBA finalists last year, Champions in 2004, and the team with the best record this season, the Pistons are now on the verge of elimination. They will have to win in Cleveland to return back home. This is definitely the break-out playoffs for Lebron James. Meanwhile the defending champ Spurs are trying to stay alive agains the Mavs right now.

Only a couple more…

The days are flying by and the last two finals are almost upon me. I officially turned in my privacy paper today. I put in a lot of time and effort into it and I am proud of my work. It's nice to have it completed. I am also feeling pretty good about the antitrust exam on Thursday. The Property stuff is confusing and tricky, but I am going to try and finish strong!

The photo is of me eating some delicious homemade healthy corn bread. My sister makes it from scratch from all organic ingredients. I must admit, it was the best part of my birthday this year! (I had a final that morning). Thanks Talli and David for the great afternoon (and the photos)!

Props to the Miami Heat for closing out a formidable NJ nets team in five games. They are primed for a finals appearance this year, especially with Pat Riley at the helm.

Now, I must go take care of a few things and go to bed to get used to waking up (and thinking) at hours of the morning where I would rather be sleeping.

NBA update

Interesting past couple days in the NBA. The Suns lost yesterday tying that series up 2-2 with the Clippers. Today, there were essentially two upsets. The Detroit Pistons lost after Rasheed Wallace guaranteed victory. With their awful display of offense today, the Pistons don’t look like they deserve to return to the finals, let alone play the Miami Heat in the Conference finals. And, even more significant, the San Antonio Spurs just lost in overtime to the Dallas mavericks putting them in an almost insurmountable 1-3 hole. The defending champs are a game away from elimination. This could be Dallas’ year, they are definitely much tougher with Avery Johnson at the helm. The best looking team right now, however, looks like the Heat and I wouldn’t mind D-Wade, Shaq and Co. taking it all the way. They are gaining momentum with every game and New Jersey is a formidable opponent. Plus, I like Pat Riley, the slickest coach in the league.

Otherwise, another boring study day for me, but one day closer to being finished!


Today at Stanford it officially got to 91.9 degrees! Definitely getting toasty around here, but it was still dry outside so it didn’t feel too bad – nothing like 90 and humidity that occurs in Houston. Even right now, it’s a comfortable 65 outside. I personally like it around 50 degree for sleeping, but I am picky 🙂

Most of the day was spent prepping for finals, but I did manage to sneak in the finishes of both NBA games. I was happy the Heat pulled it off. The Suns faced a setback, we’ll see if they can win in Phoenix. The big game tomorrow is the spurs-mavs at 6:30 pm. It’s sure to be a dog fight like last game. Hopefully the refs will not call so many fouls in the fourth quarter for the mavs. As Bill Walton says, “just let the guys play ball.” Also, Rasheed Wallace guaran-sheed a win (basically two wins in a row), so we’ll see if that comes to fruition tomorrow as well.

Happy mother’s day! I don’t know who I would be or what I would do without my mom. She has influenced me in almost every aspect of my life. Her support is unwavering and her love is priceless. I appreciate everything she does. I can’t wait to see her on Friday when all my finals will be finished.