Final Class List

I have finalized my schedule for my last semester in law school. I can’t believe this is my last class list – wow, time flies! It is a very random schedule, but it works:

  1. Partnership Taxation
  2. Advanced Legal Research
  3. Advanced Legal Writing – Drafting Contracts
  4. Minority Rights in Israel
  5. Independent Research in Corporate Lawyer Ethics

I am left with no finals, a couple projects, and two papers, one that is 25 pages and another that is 35 pages. I have a total of 11 credits. So far the semester has been sweet with two ski trips under the belt and seemingly non-stop fun. I intend on continuing it! Graduation on May 4th is now just around the corner…

Today I went out for an easy run and felt ok. I wanted to go easy and I adhered to my intention. I did the Elena Road loop for 47 minutes of running – about 7.5 miles. It was nice to get back out Los Altos Hills and I look forward to tomorrow’s run and building back into a routine of running and feeling great!


Fall Semester Complete!

Fall Semester of my third year in law school is now complete after taking a final exam in taxation this morning. Tomorrow I travel back home to Sammamish, WA for winter break where it is apparently very cold and damp – I’m not surprised 🙂 .


Polar Bear

Some very sad news today regarding global warming. The rate of ice melt in the Arctic this year set a record, smashing the previous low-point from 2005. One expert said “the Arctic is screaming.” The story is the same in Greenland – ice melting at unprecedented rates. Indeed, our planet is in peril and the climate change is on the verge of getting out of control.

Happy Chanukah!

Yesterday was the first night of Chanukah and to celebrate here is a hilarious video of NBA stars wishing their Jewish fans a happy festival of lights!

Today was the last day of classes of the Fall semester! It’s unbelievable how fast it flew by. Now I have to study for one final, take it next Tuesday, and then fly home to Sammamish for the winter break!

Week recap

Three of my four classes this semester are now complete! I can’t believe how fast this semester flew by. All that I have remaining is a final in tax law on December 11th. I’m also doing research assistant work for the Venture Capital Course offered next semester so I will still be busy the next couple weeks.

I am also getting excited to go home to Sammamish in 12 days for winter break. It will be nice to see my mom, dog, sister, and niece!

Exercise: I had some good runs this week, including a hill run at Wunderlich Park (76 min, 12 miles) and a Moody Road Loop in Los Altos Hills (62 minutes, 10 miles). Tomorrow morning I head to the Marin Headlands for a challenging half marathon. It should be super fun!

Doesn’t feel like November…

The weather here is ridiculously nice for late November with temps in the mid 60s and sunshine every single day! Furthermore, the weather forecast for the next 10+ days holds the strong west coast ridge of high pressure in place (a “blocking pattern”). This translates into more tranquil weather with sunny days and crisp nights/mornings. This is great for activity around the bay area, but when it comes to skiing, a west coast blocking pattern is the worst possible news. The slopes in the high Sierra and Tahoe are bare and the temps are not even cold enough to consistently make snow artificially. It definitely looks like the resorts won’t open for Thanksgiving and maybe into the first week of December. The resorts in the Pacific Northwest suffer equally in such a pattern. While they have some snow on the ground, none of the resorts in WA and OR have enough to open. Whistler Blackcomb got just enough snow last week to open up but by the end of the dry streak I imagine they will be in big need of some white stuff. I hope that when this pattern finally breaks down, it will stay down, and we can start accumulating some snows for Tahoe trips and the Whistler vacation in January.

Today my team gave our presentation for Deals class. It was fairly complex and there was a ton of information so it definitely seemed like the crowd had difficulties taking it all in. I think we did a great job though!

I also ran again today, despite the area of pain coming back a little after yesterday’s first run. It wasn’t bad pain, but I knew it was there. Hope it will magically begin to fade away….

Law and Business Society Speaker

On Tuesday we had the second speaker for the Law and Business Society. We were extremely fortunate to have Professor Grundfest speak, who is an amazing lecturer and teacher of two excellent courses at the law school (capital markets/securities regulation and venture capital). We had a great turnout and the students enjoyed the talk, which was very informative, relevant, and engaging.

I also had a very fun class today in corporate governance where my comments on the weeks readings were displayed to the entire seminar and were the subject of much laughter (and ridicule). I wasn’t expecting this greater audience, but it was a good time and I have no problem laughing at myself 🙂

Since my foot is still hurting a little, I have been hitting the gym hard the past couple days to do the elliptical machine, which does not put any pressure on the hurt spot. I sweat like crazy on that thing and I think I actually get a pretty darn good workout. Of course, I would much rather be running outside, but if I can’t run, I think the elliptical is about as good a workout as I can otherwise get.

The plan tomorrow is…. guess what??? MORE ARRILLAGA GYM, BABY!!

Fun negotiation

Today I had a really fun negotiation exercise for real estate transactions class. I negotiated the lease terms as the tenant with the landlord, which was another student. We each met with a practicing attorney to discuss strategies and then did the negotiation as they observed. After the negotiation, they gave us feedback on our performance. It was a really great experience and we came to an agreement on the deal!

The two Halloween parties over the weekend were fun, but it may have been a bit much. I didn’t get much sleep and I was really tired yesterday and I got a little sore throat now on top of that. As a result of the general crappy feeling, I didn’t do anything yesterday as far as exercise. Today, I went on an easier 62 minute run in Los Altos Hills (Elena Road looop) and I actually felt fairly decent so it wasn’t so easy (in a good way). This gives me hope for a quick rebound. I plan on getting a lot more quality sleep tonight!