Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Today was the first sunny day since I have been in Sammamish (it took 13 days!). The sky was a clear, the air was crisp and fresh, and the temperatures were relatively pleasant in the low-40s. I took advantage of this rare treat and ran the Snoqualmie Valley trail between Carnation and Duvall for 100 minutes of running (1 hour, 40 minutes) and about 15 miles. None of the run was particularly fast, but I felt pretty comfortable and after all, easy runs should be easy! Yesterday was basically a rainy washout and I was worried about mud, but fortunately this section of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail was mud-free.

This evening I head to my sister’s house in Maple Valley to visit her and her husband as well as my 16-month-old niece, Tamar! It should be fun!

I also look forward to getting my first turns of the ski season tomorrow at Alpental and using my brand new Atomic Metron skis 🙂


Records for Ita Pantilat!!!

I am proud to report that my mom had an awesome day of power lifting today (Thursday) at the WABDL world championships in Anaheim, CA. First, she broke the open womens (all age groups!) record for her weight class (108-114 pound class) by benching 225.7 pounds. This shattered her personal record at this weight class by over 16 pounds (209.2 pounds previous PR). Weighing in at 112 pounds prior to the competition, she essentially benched over twice her weight! Also keep in mind she is 55 and turning 56 next week – she is getting better every year 🙂

To follow up the fabulous benching performance, she competed in the deadlift this evening and lifted 300.3 pounds, another personal record and age group record (54-60). My mom only started competing in the deadlift this year and is making huge strides. All the hard work and dedication in the gym is paying off!

What a truly amazing and inspirational performance!


A couple more climbs

I got in a couple more speed climbs this week while the weather was good. On Thursday, I ascended Eldorado Peak in North Cascades National Park in 4:58 roundtrip! The first time I climbed this mountain in 2003 it took 10+ hours and I felt pretty studly afterwards. Now I climbed it in less than half that amount of time!

On Friday I climbed Lemah mountain in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. This mountain was much more time consuming and physically taxing. There was 22 miles of trail running and around 12 miles of rugged off-trail travel complete with loose rock, talus fields, snow, scrambling, and annoying brush. Lemah mountain is definitely an area that is infrequently visited. Aside from a couple cairns, there was no evidence of human impact past Spectacle Lake – no paths, no camping areas, no bootprints. The climb had an exploratory feel to it, especially because I made a couple routefinding errors. This climb took 11:26 and let’s just say I am quite tired today.  

Check back later for trip reports and photos!

Also, today is my neice’s first birthday so happy birthday Tamar! My sister threw a small party complete with delicious lunch – chicken and vegetable skewers, burgers, salads, cake, etc.

Monterey Bay Weekend II

So the trip to Monterey Bay was awesome. I got to see my sister’s sweet new Victorian house in Pacific Grove, tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and relax with my family. We also celebrated my 23rd birthday with an awesome dinner at a Thai restaurant followed by some great desserts at my sister’s house. The dessert offering included Millet Bread and amazing pumpkin pie made from scratch by my sister. Big thanks to Talli and David for being great hosts! It was a fun time, hopefully the family will reunite again soon.

Here are some more photos from Monterey!

Hopkins Research Center

Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Research Center


I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my family (the official date is May 11th). The pumpkin pie my sister made from scratch was absolutely amazing!

Birthday with family

Nice birthday photo with my mom and two sisters

Cute Tamar

Cute photo of Tamar with a stylish hat 🙂


Walking back up from the ocean.

Shore Trail

Beautiful shore trail.

Monterey Bay Weekend

After packing and unpacking (very tiring), my mom and myself drove down to Monterey Bay to visit my sister who lives in Pacific Grove. It was an awesome weekend and I’ll write more about it later. In the mean time, here are some photos (click on image for larger version):

Pacific Grove House

Pacific Grove House

Another Angle

Another Angle

Family Photo

Family photo


Tamar bundled up!

Family photo

Family Photo

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay from Lover’s Point

Busy Week Ahead

I-5More studying and more NBA basically sums it up for me! Some more review today and tomorrow and then it’s exam time. The end is drawing near and I am ready to take the exam. After the exam, it becomes a busy week as I fly home the same day (Tuesday), pack up on Wednesday, and then drive a car down here for the summer on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be with my mom, so the drive should not be too arduous. A quick move to my summer apartment is followed by a trip to visit my sister in her new Victorian house (a historical site) in Pacific Grove (near Monterey) over the weekend. Finally, I start work on May 7th. The rest of the summer promises to be packed with firm events, climbs of Shasta and the high Sierra, and other fun! Whew, I am pumped 🙂

NBA: Steve Nash came through with an amazing performance today posting 23 assists. The most amazing part of it is that Phoenix did not shoot that well. If they had been knocking down more shots, he could have had 30+ assists! Tonight the Warriors meet the Mavericks for game four. The Mavs are going to come out swinging hard. I hope the Warriors can match the intensity and make it a fight, and who knows, maybe the Warriors will surprise again…

Exercise: What a beautiful day for a run. After a scorchers on Friday and Saturday, it has cooled into the upper 60’s making for some comfortable conditions. I took advantage and ran the dish. Total run time was 47 minutes and I felt good.