Elena Road Run

Today I did a 7.5 mile run at Los Altos Hills (Elena Road Loop) that took about 45 minutes. The weather was great and once I got the sluggishness out I felt alright. Tomorrow I head up to the trio of open space preserves at the top of Page Mill Road (Skyline Ridge, Long Ridge, and Russian Ridge) for a beautiful run. Hopefully I am able to beat the gusty winds that are in the forecast for Saturday afternoon!



Another spectacular day with temperatures in the upper 60’s and clear blue skies. I was fortunately able to take advantage with a run at Huddart Park, one of my favorite places to run trails. I did my usual loop within the park up to Skyline Boulevard. Total running time was a bit over 63 minutes (~9.5 miles). I felt pretty sluggish going up the hill but the downhill was fun. Tomorrow I plan on giving my legs a break so they won’t feel good just going down the hills 🙂

Trail Runner Article

Here is a link to Trail Runner Magazine’s online news story about the 2008 La Sportiva Mountain Running Team. I am mentioned at the bottom as one of the additional people named to the team – there is nothing really to write about me yet, hahaha. I feel honored to be a part of such a talented group of mountain and ultra runners – they are all very inspirational!

Today I did a little weights at Arrillaga Gym for back muscles and also ran the trails around campus for 52 minutes (8 miles). It was a spectacular day to be outside with temperatures reaching into the mid-60s and clear blue skies.

Baylands Preserve

I was looking for a soft surface run that would not be a mud pile after the recent rains and the Baylands came to mind. In addition, I wanted a flatter run so the Baylands seem to fit the bill. Indeed, there was little mud at the Baylands and essentially zero elevation gain. The run was exactly 60 minutes with about 9.5 miles covered. Fortunately, the heavy mist that was occurring at Stanford all afternoon was not a factor next to the bay and there was even a few peaks of blue sky.

A new boy!!

There is a new member in my family – my sister Talli gave birth to a boy this evening! Big congratulations to her and her husband David! The name of the boy is Bram, which originates from the Hebrew name Abraham and is used in the Netherlands (part of the boy’s heritage is Dutch). The birth was apparently not easy as this was my sister’s first baby, but it’s now over and she is recovering in the hospital. The baby was on the large side (7 lbs, 12 ounces) and already has some of David’s dark hair! I now have a niece and a nephew.

Yesterday I went on a long run for 23 miles and it felt fairly decent, but it still made my legs quite tired so today I only ran 5 miles and worked out a little at Arrillaga gym.

Huddart and Skyline Trail

Today I ran at Huddart Park and a nice section of the Skyline Trail (Bay Area Ridge Trail) heading towards Wunderlich Park. Total running time was 1:30 with about 13.5 miles covered. I felt stagnant at the beginning (common for me after a rest day), but finally got into a rhythm about 45 minutes into the run. Trail conditions were moist, but the weather was partly sunny and temps were in the upper 40s. It was quite windy in the upper parts of the park, but the thick forest shielded me from the brunt of the winds.

Moody Road with a twist

I ran the normal Moody Road loop in Los Altos Hills except for the section in the ranch area where I took a steeper and longer route. I actually liked it better then the previous route because it was not muddy (the other trail was a complete mud pile the last few times) and the view from the top of the hill was awesome. Total time was 65 minutes with about 10.5 miles covered. I ran today because I am completely busy tomorrow, which is going to be the default rest day.