Tahoe on Tap!

I am still running easy these days and not by choice. Not only have the runs been slow, I have also felt generally sluggish and crummy (even at the slow pace) and I still have some pain in my groin area. Maybe I am getting too much sleep these days, hahaha. I am mentally more ready to go than ever but my body isn’t quite responding yet. At least I am out there running in the beautiful weather, if even for only 7-8 miles at a time. I can only hope that the issues will abate soon. The good news is that I am heading up to the ski slopes at North Lake Tahoe tomorrow and I am super excited. I know we are going to hit Squaw Valley on Thursday but the other resort is undecided. It looks like we will have spring snow conditions but cooler temps, which will prevent a slush puddle in the afternoon.

The other good news is that the abbreviated running schedule combined with spring break has allowed me to write a major 45 paper. The biggest assignment between me and graduation is almost complete! The 25 page paper is also coming along well and I can smell the finish line. The general idea is that by doing the work now, I will have free time in April to do fun things, and hopefully by then my groin will be 100%.


Shore Path, Part II

My hopes came to fruition and I was able to run the shore path in Pacific Grove again today. The fresh ocean breeze under sunny skies was awesome! Every time I run this awesome path I feel like I am getting a treat. The run basically covered all the paths from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to Asilomar State Beach and the Links at Spanish Bay. The run was 50 minutes and around 8 miles. The groin has been cooperating on these easy runs but tomorrow I am either going to take the day off or do a super short run so I don’t get ahead of myself on the recovery. My groin it is still a bit tight and I do not want to hinder the progress. Plus, I have got to be fresh for the skiing next week in North Lake Tahoe!!

Today was also my sister’s birthday so Happy Birthday Talli! The celebration with tea and a delicious chocolate torte was fun! Talli’s new baby boy of one month, Bram, seemed to be enjoying the event as well 🙂

Pacific Grove Ocean Shore Path

Yesterday my groin felt good enough to go out for a jog and I was lucky to be in a beautiful spot for my first run in several days. The soft-surface pathway along the shoreline in Monterey and Pacific Grove is one of my favorite places to run! The run was only 35 minutes, but it felt great to get some fresh air and move the legs. The groin felt ok so I also ran today around campus for 52 minutes (8 miles). I head back to Pacific Grove tomorrow for my sister’s birthday and to take my mom back to the airport in San Jose. I hope to be able to run the shore path again!

Congrats Mom!

Big congrats to my mom, Ita Pantilat, for a great powerlifting effort despite being sick with the flu all week. She started off with squatting doing 231 pounds (not feeling great) and then felt better on the bench putting up 215 pounds and then 303 pounds for the deadlift. This was the first competition my mom has done the complete powerlifting trifecta of disciplines (her specialty and focus has been the bench). Her marks enabled her to break the point record for her age group (55-60) and weight class (114 pounds)! Awesome!!

Yesterday we celebrated my friend Scott’s Birthday with a pub crawl in downtown San Francisco. We started the night off at the (apparently) famous Nick’s Crispy Tacos and I got a Chicken Burrito that was indeed tasty. We then hit the bars, including an Irish Pub, an elegant Wine Bar, a Log Cabin Bar called Bigfoot Lodge with animal heads on the wall and a giant wooden sasquatch, a tribal themed bar called Vertigo with cool masks and statues, and a grundge/emo bar. The sharp contrasts between the bars, from the decorations to the patrons, was very interesting and fun.

As far running, my groin still feels tight. It’s not very painful, but I notice it enough to the point where running doesn’t seem like a great idea. I’ve got no pressing races or goals in the near future so I am going to play it safe and wait this out. The result is days off the past couple days and more days off in the future until it heals. It would be nice to be running again on Tuesday when I head down to Pacific Grove to visit my sister, her husband, and my new nephew, Bram (the seashore path right by their home is sweet!).

Instead of running I hit Arrillaga Gym for some quality weight lifting. I did some benching today and got back to 10 reps of 150 pounds. I think at my peak when I was lifting routinely I was doing 10 reps of 160, only ten pounds more, so I am happy the muscles are still there 🙂

Moody Road

I hit the Moody Road Loop in Los Altos Hills for a therapeutic 70 minute run (11 miles). I felt quite sluggish the first 40 minutes but then things felt lighter so I added on a mile to the usual loop. Despite feeling good towards the end, I held back because I didn’t want to hinder the loosening of my groin muscle, which felt much better. I also need to learn how to do easy runs from start to finish!

I updated my Adventure Running website so check it out! I changed the name to “Adventure Running” because it is a better description of what I do in the mountains.

Day Off

I took a day off from running today because my groin muscle is a bit sore and tender, likely from all the steep hills I have been running recently. I can definitely run on it, but I have found it is better policy to give things a chance to heal. My philosophy has always been that running steep trails on a daily basis is not sustainable for my body, but I haven’t been taking my advice lately. Never before have I run so much technical/steep terrain day after day so I realize there will inevitably be some issues – it’s simply part of the game!

Despite having tons of fun on these hilly trails in the woods, I am going to re-insert some of the more moderate runs on flatter surface and try to limit the “tough” runs to three days a week. Instead of running today, I went to Arrillaga gym to lift weights so at least my upper body got a workout! I also plan on inserting some leg weights into the routine, particularly the hip adductor and hip abductor machines, to strengthen those muscles that are so important on the hills.

El Corte de Madera Preserve Run

I have not run at El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space preserve since September so it was definitely time to revisit some of the great trails this park has to offer. I ran for 1:38 and covered around 13.5 miles. It took me some time to find a rhythm, but I had some hop to my stride in the last five miles.

The Preserve is off the western side of Skyline Blvd. and provides a feeling of remoteness and wilderness, especially on the weekdays – the only people I saw were a couple mountain bikers in the last couple minutes of the run. The setting is great with some awesome single track in thick redwood forest, cascading streams, and wildlife. One constant on all the trails in this park is hills!