Earth Day 2007

Happy Earth Day! Take a second (or longer) to appreciate the magnificence and splendor of the earth. Remember, it is in our hands to keep it beautiful for generations to come. I highly recommend watching the series entitled “Planet Earth” on the Discovery Channel to see many reasons why our planet is amazing!

NBA: Big day today with three series in the Western Conference kicking off. The games were all good. It was especially nice to see the Golden State Warriors win game one against the number one seeded Mavericks in Dallas. Obviously, it was just game one of a seven game series, so the Warriors must continue to play hard and take any opportunities they can get.

Exercise: I had a good pump today at Arrillaga gym working back muscles. With nice weather expected tomorrow, it sounds like a good time to step out for a run.


Peak to Peak Gondola!

Whistler-Blackcomb announced yesterday the construction of the Peak to Peak Gondola (P2P), to be completed in December 2008. According to the press release, “The two mountains will be united by a gondola that will set world records for length and height while providing an unmatched experience for winter and summer resort guests.” The lift will be the most expensive ever built in North America. WOW! Just another reason why Whistler-Blackcomb is the best ski resort in the world. I am already excited to visit Whistler again!

Peak to Peak Gondola

Wild Sky Wilderness

Wild Sky Wilderness

The results of a Democrat controlled Congress are already manifesting. After repeated failure to even bring the Wild Sky Wilderness proposal to a vote in the House, the newly composed Congress has finally turned the tide. After expected passage in the Senate and signing by the President, 167 square miles of pristine forest and rugged peaks will be protected from development. I have hiked and climbed in these mountains and can attest that the habitat and beauty of this region is very worthy of the wilderness designation.

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First, my condolences to the families of the Virginia Tech students who lost their lives in the horrific shooting rampage that occurred there today. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news this morning and it is truly difficult to comprehend the magnitude of this tragedy.

My research paper on the wave of Chinese solar IPOs is nearing completion. The editing is finished and I will do one more read-through and add a small section, after which it will be officially done. I learned a lot in the process of writing this paper and I am proud of my work.

Tomorrow I have no class so I plan on getting my notes together to begin studying for my lone final in Capital Markets & Securities Regulation.

Exercise: A nice run of the Oak Creek loop for the usual 48 minutes. It was nice and warm with temps in the mid-70’s and lighter winds than I have been experiencing of late. I hope to get out for a run again tomorrow.

Worthless “news”

Why is the break up of “Prince” William and Kate on national tv? Why do people care? The whole idea of treating people “royal” for doing absolutely, positively nothing has always seemed ludicrous. This story added zero value to my day and may have even been negative due to the time wasted. To top this whole thing off, the break up was apparently due to Kate’s inability to deal with the paparazzi onslaught. I feel bad for this girl; all she wants is to be left alone. People need to stop caring so the media can focus on legitimate news, of which there is plenty these days.

Night in SF

Yesterday I went out to a club in SF. It was fun time. The most interesting part of the night was seeing some of the Golden State Warriors basketball players at the club. I recognized Andris Beidrins, Zarko Cabarkapa, and Sarunas Jasikevicious. Zarko and Andris are 6-11 and I am tiny next to them. The Warriors are vying for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference with three games left to play. They need to win at least two of them to have a chance. It’s been a long playoff drought for the Warriors (since the 93-94 season), so I hope they pull it off.


I had a great pump in the gym today working back muscles and biceps. Speaking of muscles, check out this great article/video about Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping up the green movement. I highly recommend watching the video clip which is an instant classic. Arnold says we don’t have to give up big cars, we just have to make them “environmentally muscular.” He warned politicians that do not address the environment: “Your political base will melt away as surely as the polar ice caps — I can guarantee you of that. You will become a political penguin on a smaller and smaller ice floe, drifting out to sea. Goodbye, my little friend.” Awesome!

Long Friday

After the British troops explained themselves today, I am less troubled by their behavior. If they were indeed subject to psychological pressures and tricks in order to appear at “staged” events, then I am not in a position to judge them. I’m not sure what the Iranians were trying to accomplish here – they definitely did not earn points from the international community.

It’s Friday and I am tired after waking up at 7:30 am for class. With a make-up class from 1 to 2 pm, today was a long day, and all with the same professor!

Exercise: A good Oak Creek run today for the usual 48 minutes. I finally felt like I was getting into a solid rhythm at the end of the run. Tomorrow I hit Arrillaga gym for some weightlifting.