Shrinking Glaciers

More sad news about how global warming is impacting the earth. The U.N. Environment Program announced today that glaciers around the world are shrinking at record rates and many could vanish within a few decades. I have loved glaciers since I was a child and was attracted to the regions that contained the most ice. The melting away of these gorgeous rivers of ice is painful to watch. The recession is so severe that I can actually notice a difference from one year to the next in the Cascades of Washington. The Sierra Nevada mountains of California have only a few pockets of ice remaining and these may vanish in a matter of years, not decades. Very sad.


Trail Runner Article

Here is a link to Trail Runner Magazine’s online news story about the 2008 La Sportiva Mountain Running Team. I am mentioned at the bottom as one of the additional people named to the team – there is nothing really to write about me yet, hahaha. I feel honored to be a part of such a talented group of mountain and ultra runners – they are all very inspirational!

Today I did a little weights at Arrillaga Gym for back muscles and also ran the trails around campus for 52 minutes (8 miles). It was a spectacular day to be outside with temperatures reaching into the mid-60s and clear blue skies.

La Sportiva Clean and Green

La Sportiva is a very environmentally conscious company with a superlative sustainability mission and programs. The company is clean and green with 100% of their energy received from wind power since August 2005. Morevoer, La Sportiva is an industry leader in promoting clean and green practices. I have a deep respect for nature and the wilderness so it is great to represent a company that cares as much about the health of our environment as I do!

In other news, I went to Arrillaga today for a little strength training and went on a 30 minute shake-out run up Peter Coutts road. Tomorrow I hope to run some trails in the woods!

Twister Tragedy

Forget about politics, a real tragedy occurred yesterday which should have been the top story then and should definitely be the top story today. Tornadoes across the South have destroyed many towns and at least 52 deaths have been reported along with several hundred casualties. The media is so fixated on politics they hardly mentioned this last night. It is shameful that the over satiation of political coverage is taking over the rest of the news – and there is plenty of other news going on. There has to be a better use for those millions of dollars being wasted during this primary season. My thoughts and prayers are with the tornado victims.

Fall Semester Complete!

Fall Semester of my third year in law school is now complete after taking a final exam in taxation this morning. Tomorrow I travel back home to Sammamish, WA for winter break where it is apparently very cold and damp – I’m not surprised 🙂 .


Polar Bear

Some very sad news today regarding global warming. The rate of ice melt in the Arctic this year set a record, smashing the previous low-point from 2005. One expert said “the Arctic is screaming.” The story is the same in Greenland – ice melting at unprecedented rates. Indeed, our planet is in peril and the climate change is on the verge of getting out of control.

Running Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of updates. There hasn’t been much going on around here…

About two weeks after initially feeling something weird in my foot (and subsequently stopping the running), I can report that there is definite improvement. I now rarely feel the pain while walking, which is specifically located on the bottom of my foot where the second toe joins in with the rest of the foot. This is hopefully a signal that I will be back out running shortly 🙂 A couple weeks without the fresh air and free feeling of running in the woods makes me appreciate it that much more! At the end of the day, the elliptical in the gym just can’t compare. However, I am considering adding a training session on the elliptical once a week because I think it is a good workout while avoiding virtually all the pounding and stresses of running. I am also going to buy some shoes that have more cushion to ensure that there is no aggravation and stay off the pavement as much as possible!

The weather has been amazing around here for mid-November with temps in the mid-70’s and beautiful blue skies. Once again, it is unfortunate I am not running in it, but the pattern looks to continue into Thanksgiving week which gives me hope of some great runs during the break.

The oil spill in the San Francisco Bay is very depressing with images of dead and dying wildlife. What is most annoying is that this was a result of human error – needless destruction. I am happy Arnold is on the case though…

Global Warming Link?

FireIt’s obviously impossible to peg global warming as the direct cause of the tragic and devastating wildfires in Southern California this week, but all indications are that global warming is indeed creating the conditions requisite for calamities like this. In addition, worse news arrived this week that global warming is occurring at a faster rate than even previous studies had indicated. Check out this article on CNN about how warmer temperatures are tied to fires. All this is very depressing and it leaves me wondering what is next? Meanwhile, we have an administration that is habitually redacting portions of papers that point to the seriousness of global warming. Do these people care about anything but pleasing lobbyists of big industry? Hard to understand…

I’m listening to Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack to Into the Wild a lot recently. Some of the songs are absolutely amazing; my favorites include Long Nights, No Ceiling, Rise, Society, and Hard Sun. I just love the acoustic touch and Eddie Vedder’s unique voice.

Exercise: I had a nice run today and felt pretty good for the 50 minute foray around campus.