Sugar Falls

Sugar Falls was a splendid discovery in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur. The falls is tucked into a steep canyon and not visible from any trails or nearby high points. There are many gems of the Ventana Wilderness and Big Sur that have little or no information which makes it that much more fun adventuring in these mountains.

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  1. M8Ricks says:

    Where can find this on GPS?

  2. amir says:

    what trail is sugar falls closest to?

  3. Found it recently. The hard way. Which is the best way to find it. Thank you, Leor!

    1. pantilat says:

      And hopefully it remains hard to find!

      1. Don’t worry, sir. Wouldn’t dream of it.

  4. Heidi says:

    Would love if you could email me some tips on how to discover this beauty!

    1. Sure. Go to Big Sur. Look for water. =)

      I know Mr. Pantilat doesn’t give out specifics because there is little good that would come of it. But if you know the area and use his complete slideshow as a guide you can easily narrow down a relatively small target zone. From there, I’d suggest Bing Maps and a long weekend.

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