Cone Peak via Stone Ridge Direct 2014

What’s the most impressive and prominent grassy ridge in all of Big Sur? The answer, without question, is Stone Ridge. I’ve featured this striking ridge on my blog several times so what haven’t I already said about Stone Ridge? Nothing (see links to prior posts below). That being said, here are a few thoughts and many more photos from one of my favorite spots in Big Sur and the Ventana Wilderness.

Stone Ridge is an awesome place to be any time of the year, but the few weeks during spring when the meadows turn verdant are particularly special.  As Stone Ridge is a south-north oriented ridge, I have learned that the setting photographs best in the afternoon and evening as the coast to south gets better light. This year, Erica and I ascended to Twitchell Flat and lower Stone Ridge, and then took the Stone Ridge Trail and Gamboa Trail around Twin Peak to the summit of Cone Peak. From Cone Peak we traversed to Twin Peak and then descended Stone Ridge from top to bottom during evening light. The advantage of going down Stone Ridge as part of this loop was manifold:  (1) it enabled us to catch evening light on the ridge and still return to the car before dark, (2) by descending you’re looking at the incredible view with each and every step, and (3) it’s easier to descend the steep ridge than ascend it. While I obviously put a lot of thought into when and how do this particular loop, the reality is that Stone Ridge is amazing any time of day, as an ascent, descent, or a destination in itself (I can attest since I have done all of the above). Finally, just in case you haven’t had enough Stone Ridge, I’ve got some more photos from Stone Ridge coming soon.

Prior (and future) Stone Ridge posts:

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  1. Mario says:

    Truly inspiring. Although I’m not a runner like yourself (I’m more into backpacking) your typical outings (20+ miles) seem to fit perfectly for an overnight at my backpacking pace (10+ miles per day). Any suggestion for 24-30 miler in the Big Sur area?. I like those ridges with unbelievable views, although water may be a problem so if you can suggest me a route that hit some water sources (I normally carry a steripen to treat water) that would be great. Thanks again.

  2. Joey says:

    I’m thinking that this should be named “Stone Ridge via Cone Peak.”

  3. Сергей says:

    Cone Peak via Stone Ridge Direct 2014 | Leor Pantilat's Adventures – хороший пост, спасибо

    1. Brian Sugrue says:

      Thanks for clearing the trail this last winter Leor! Why do your photos always come out better than mine? Highway closed at the south side of the tunnel, but hike the Limekiln State Park trail that branches off to the left about a !/4 mile before the limekiln, and you will be up on the Twitchell Flat trail with a great view of the massive landslide.

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