Pescadero Creek

The network of trails in Pescadero Creek County Park and adjacent Portola Redwoods State Park are some of my favorite paths anywhere. These parks are characterized by miles of fantastic true single track, almost entirely under forest canopy. Pescadero Creek County Park has essentially no infrastructure allowing one to experience a wilderness feeling despite being so close to the Bay Area. In fact, I encountered less than a half dozen people on a weekend afternoon. The drive to the park is along narrow and windy Alpine Road and then a bumpy and potholed “driveway” down the mountainside to a dirt parking lot at the Tarwater Trailhead. This time along the Brook Loop I decided to make a small detour to the Towne Overlook which I had not seen prior. This scenic overlook provides a commanding vantage of the Pescadero Creek Watershed and Butano Ridge with miles of redwood forest as far as the eye can see. It goes without saying that this small diversion is worthwhile! While I’m otherwise very familiar with this park and have shared photos before, here are a few more!

More photos here.


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