Willow Camp-Steep Ravine

Another phenomenal hike on Mount Tam, this time the 8.5 mile Willow Camp-Steep Ravine Loop. In terms of sweeping vistas and stunning scenery, this loop is superior to the Steep Ravine-Matt Davis Loop in my opinion. The reason is because it includes 1.8 miles along the Coastal Trail as it traverses a steep grassy hillside with jaw-dropping views around every corner. Looking down at Stinson Beach nearly 1,800 vertical feet below you literally feel like you’re getting an aerial view. However, the Willow Camp trail back down to Stinson Beach is steep and loose requiring careful attention. Make sure to make many stops since the views of Stinson Beach are spectacular throughout the descent. In addition, the classic Steep Ravine trail, with its wooden ladder, stone steps, numerous bridges, and old growth redwoods was incredibly lush on this day (almost like a jungle) after copious late-season rains. The complete photo album is here.



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  1. Hi Leor,
    Love your photos. On Jun 11 I tried this in the opposite direction but missed the Willow Camp trail as I checked out every fire road above Stinson! I found the WC single-track connector too late as I had aid waiting at Pantoll. So I booked it up Steep Ravine, grabbed some more water from my wife at Pantoll, traversed back to Dipsea, and unlaced my Wildcats down at Muir Woods. 14 nice wandering miles with great climbs and descents. Very different than the desert runs I love most every day. Enjoy your blog, especially the bay area info.
    Virginia City, NV

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