West Point Inn Pancake Breakfast

The West Point Inn sits high on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais with a commanding view of the San Francisco Bay Area. Close by is Mill Valley, Tiburon, and Angel Island. Most of the downtown San Francisco skyline is visible along with one arch of the Golden Gate Bridge beyond the Marin Headlands. The Inn was built in 1904 and since 1943 the West Point Inn Association of volunteers has worked to maintain and remodel this hidden gem. Today the main building and adjacent cabins are available for overnight stays and six times a year a pancake breakfast is served for $10. The public can only reach the inn by fire road or trail via foot or mountain bike. Multiple trailheads provide access to the inn with distances ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 miles. Many more photos here.

On this day, I first joined Jon and Joel for a long run around Mount Tamalpais, including the old growth redwoods in Muir Woods, the Coastal Trail, and the technical single tracks on the north side of the mountain. Appropriately hungry after the long run, we proceeded to the West Point Inn from near Mountain Theater. We enjoyed blueberry pancakes, sausages, and coffee while warming up by the wood fire. Afterwards, we watched the Bay Area “reveal” itself in dramatic fashion as the fog and low clouds lifted and dispersed. Soon enough, sun was shining through with excellent clarity and unique contrast for fun photography (complete album). I look forward to returning to the West Point Inn for future pancake breakfasts, views, and an overnight stay!

Figure-8 long run run route (start at Mountain Theater):

  • Easy Grade to Pantoll
  • Old Mine Trail
  • TCC
  • Stapelveldt
  • Ben Johnson
  • Alice Eastwood
  • Sierra Trail
  • Troop 80
  • TCC
  • Stapelveldt to Pantoll
  • Matt Davis/Coastal Trail
  • Laurel Dell Fire Road
  • Cataract Trail
  • High Marsh Trail
  • Kent Trail
  • Benstein Trail to Mountain Theater
  • Rock  Springs Trail to West Point Inn
Many more photos here.

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