Mount Tam Long Run!

Yesterday I enjoyed an awesome run on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais with Joel. The weather was spectacular with clear skies and relatively warm temperatures. The hills were vibrant with fresh green grass and multitudes of wildflowers. This combination made for some phenomenal photography opportunities. We started at Pantoll and ran the Coastal Trail/Bolinas Fire Road to the McCurday Trail junction. On the way back, we dropped down to Stinson Beach via the Matt Davis Trail and came up Dipsea/Steep Ravine. The last few miles were on the other side of the ridge into Muir Woods with a loop entailing Stapelveldt, Ben Johnson, Bootjack, and TCC. I estimate this run to be around 30 miles with around 5,500 feet of elevation gain with ~3,000 ft of that coming in the last 8 miles. As usual, Mount Tam delivers an extremely memorable experience and I look forward to returning soon. The complete photo album here.

Many more photos here


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  1. Sarah says:

    absolutely love your detailed write ups of long runs and other adventures! I read often but never comment, but had to say thank you today. I am training for TransAlpine and your adventure run ideas and run/race reports are an awesome resource!

  2. pantilat says:

    Thanks! Best of luck with your training for TransAlpine!

    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping it will be more single-track and wilderness than TransRockies. I’ve never been to the Alps, so it’ll be a pretty sweet experience I think. Awesome performance at Quicksilver, by the way!

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