Tourist Club SF

The Tourist Club SF is a sweet destination on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais. The German themed chalet is a private club except for limited hours on most weekends. There is a beautiful view overlooking Muir Woods and a selection of German beers are served on tap along with pickles, sausages, and a few other items. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings. You can park fairly close to the Tourist Club but the most aesthetic way to reach it is via a hike from Muir Woods. On this day, we walked the main interpretive trail along Redwood Creek and then took Fern Trail, Lost Trail, Panoramic Trail, and Redwood Trail to reach the chalet. On the way back, we closed the loop by taking the Sun Trail and Dipsea Trail back to the Muir Woods parking area. This route itinerary provided great variety characteristic of Mount Tamalpais, including old growth redwoods, mixed hardwood forest, and wildflower meadowland with views. I’ll definitely be back to the Tourist Club… another great afternoon on Mount Tam! Complete photo album here.

Complete photo album here.


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