Royal Gorge Cross Country

Royal Gorge is North America’s largest cross country ski resort offering a staggering 65 different groomd trails totalling 195 km skiable terrain. Even on the busiest weekend days it never feels crowded. The extensive network of trails features something for everyone, from easy flat paths to hilly advanced courses. The trails travel through extremely pleasant alpine forest, snowy meadows, and sweeping vista points. The resort features two main lodges and several warming huts. On this day we visited three lookout points – Katie’s Point, Point Mariah, and Lee’s Point. All feature gorgeous vistas of the Sierra mountains around Tahoe. Point Mariah is particularly scenic with a great view down the “Royal Gorge” of the North Fork American River. This trip was my first time ever skate skiing. I became more skillful as the day progressed although I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement. Royal Gorge has much more to explore so I look forward to returning for more cross country fun! Complete album here.

Complete album here.


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  1. Mackey says:

    That’s awesome you discovered skate skiing. It rivals running in so many ways. My nordic gear is in CA, but wish I had time to use it.

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