Alta Peak

On Saturday, I hiked up 11,204 ft Alta Peak in Sequoia National Park with Joel to help acclimate for the Rae Lakes Loop adventure run the following day. Alta Peak has a spectacular view of the Great Western Divide which was a bit hazy on this day due to the nearby Sheep Fire which has been burning since mid July. It took us 2 hours to hike the 7 miles to the summit from Wolverton. After an hour on top enjoying the views, we headed down with a stop to photograph the beautiful alpine trees below the summit. I also stumbled into a friend from Rice University who was hiking up the mountain by coincidence – it’s a small world! We were back at the Wolverton lot 1.5 hours after departing the summit. The trail up Alta Mountain has a relatively gentle grade for the majority which makes it a great trail run. I will definitely return to Alta Peak in the winter and/or spring to soak in the 360 degree view in clear conditions and with a coat of snow over the peaks. The area around Alta Peak is also relatively accessible in the winter for some great backcountry skiing opportunities. More photos here!


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