Crown Point Lollipop

Crown Point (11,346 ft) is located in Northern Yosemite and has a commanding 360 degree view of the surrounding region, including Sawtooth Ridge and Matterhorn Peak. Access is via Twin Lakes and the Hoover Wilderness outside of Bridgeport so Sonora Pass is the preferred driving route. The area is characterized by numerous lovely alpine lakes set amidst Sierra granite. I have been interested in this area for awhile so it was great to finally see it and I already have ideas for more extensive travels into the heart of Northern Yosmite for the next time.

Peeler Lake, with a sapphire blue color, is located on the Sierra Crest with dual outlets on either side – one flowing to the Great Basin and another to the Pacific Ocean via the Tuolumne Watershed/Hetch Hetchy. I took the Robinson Creek trail about 9 miles to the north side of Peeler Lake and then headed cross country traversing around the granite shores and then ascending the north slopes of Crown Point. Crown Point has great views of Tower Peak, Kerrick Meadows, Sawtooth Ridge, and the deep blue Peeler Lake. From the summit I descended towards Rock Island Pass where I picked up the trail, eventually rejoining with the Robinson Creek Trail after passing through a magical basin of lakes ranging in color from blue to teal. Total mileage was about 22 miles in 6:45. More impressive was the fact that I drove from the Bay Area that morning, departing at 5:30 am! Dozens more photos of at least a half dozen alpine lakes, including Barney Lake, Peeler Lake, Snow Lake, and Crown Lake, are located here.

Dozens more photos here.


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  1. Jason deal says:

    Leor I am going to do the peeler lake hike next month. How long did it take you to get there from Barney lake and did u run or walk

    1. pantilat says:

      Jason, I mostly ran from Barney to Peeler and it took no more than 45 minutes. It’s a beautiful area!

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