Mount Diablo

A couple weeks ago I helped out at the Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) Mount Diablo event. It was a great time and I got to run some of the trails on the north side of the mountain in the early morning hours. Despite being early June, the wildflowers were everywhere and water was still flowing in the streams. Thank the cooler and wetter spring for the beautiful conditions! Mount Diablo has a plethora of trails and I look forward to exploring more of the options in the future, but likely not for the next few months since it can get toasty in this region. The next PCTR event is the Pacifica Trail Run (San Pedro Valley County Park) on July 3rd. Options include the 9km, 21km, 30km, and 50km runs. San Pedro Valley Park contains an unimpacted coastal scrub habitat with magnificent views of Pacifica and the coastline from the slopes and summit of Montara Mountain (North Peak). Be sure to sign up early since I know this event has reached capacity prior to event day in the past!

Complete photo album here.


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  1. kate says:

    beautiful photos- I love Diablo!

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