Boggs Mountain Trail Races!

Gary Gellin and I are pleased to announce the Boggs Mountain Trail Races, featuring a 25k and a 50k, which will take place October 30, 2010!

We checked out Boggs Mountain last month and liked what we saw. The forest is located two hours north of San Francisco, situated on a high ridge between the legendary vineyards of Napa Valley and Clear Lake. It contains a plethora of single track trails winding through pine forest that will sure to delight all trail runners. Boggs is relatively unknown in trail and ultra running circles and this will be the first time a trail race has been held at this venue, which is quite surprising considering how awesome these trails are. No joke, this place is like Disneyland for trail runners! We are excited to share these wonderful trails with other trail runners.

We want to make this a must-do event on the calendar. We have designed a preliminary website with general information, including details about the course and free open camping on site (we encourage camping the night before and after the event). The race will feature expertly designed courses, separate starts for the 25k and 50k, meticulous route marking, minimal congestion and traffic on the course, and over 90%+ single track. All participants will be treated to a post-race catered picnic with a wholesome meal and deserts. We are also looking into other fun options for post-race festivities. In addition, since the event will take place the day before Halloween we hope to incorporate some Halloween themes. We hope to open up registration soon so check back here and the Boggs website for more information!


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  1. polynesian69 says:

    Cool, Leor! I have been going up to Harbin Hot Springs and have been running up that way, especially the Boggs Mountain Trail. That sounds like a really good deal in a really good location. I’m seriously considering putting that on the calendar.

  2. Marc says:

    I would love to run this. Halloween is a big deal with my little ones so on behalf of my own selfish needs/desires, how about changing the date in the future? (I know that sounds trivial but hey reality is what it is). Keep up the work with the blog…great stuff.

  3. polynesian69 says:

    Dear Leor:
    Is it possible to put up the sequence of trails on ? There are a lot of densely packed trails on the PDF. I’m headed up there on the 4th and would like to try out the 25k course. Thanks so much!
    Happy 4th!

  4. Mark says:

    This looks awesome– you’ve a done a great job with planning this so far, but I’m overbooked this year. I’m with Marc– Halloween weekend is problematic for many of us.

  5. Nobu says:

    Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful satisfying event! It was my first experience to do the trail run race and I loved it! I will do more of these again! Thank you

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