Portola Valley-Skyline Loop

I joined Gary Gellin for a fantastic 18.7 mile loop in Skyline South Region of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The loop included passage through six open space preserves over 18.75 miles. We were fortunate to have a gorgeous spring day with great views towards the San Mateo Coast and Pacific Ocean from Skyline Ridge and Russian Ridge. Here is a short video clip and some of my favorite photos!

More photos and route after the jump!


  • Toyon Trail (Portola Valley Ranch)
  • Lake Trail (Portola Valley Ranch)
  • Alpine Road (pavement then Coal Creek OSP)
  • White Oak Trail (Monte Bello OSP)
  • Stevens Creek Nature Trail (Monte Bello OSP)
  • Bay Area Ridge Trail (Skyline Ridge OSP through Russian Ridge OSP to Rapley Ranch Road)
  • Hwy 35 for a short section
  • Razorback Ridge Trail (Windy Hill OSP)


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  1. mweston says:

    I don’t think the closed dirt part of Alpine Road is technically part of Coal Creek OSP (the MROSD signs are at the gates off of the road, and there aren’t any at the top or bottom of the road), though it’s logically part.

    I live on Skyline between the two entrances to Coal Creek (Crazy Pete’s and Cloud’s Rest), and since it’s open to dogs on leash, I’m there several times per week.

    Congratulations on finishing SttS in a little under half my time today!

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