Slate Creek

Slate Creek is located in a remote part of Portola Redwoods State Park. You can either access it via the Park Headquarters in about 3 miles or from Skyline Blvd. The route from Skyline starts at Long Ridge Open Space Preserve and entails nearly 2,000 feet of descent so be prepared for a long, steep climb on the way up. It is by far the harder option to access Slate Creek, but it provides an easier and shorter drive to the trailhead and great variety as you descend from meadows and oak woodland to lush redwood forest. The trail along Slate Creek is one of the more lusher spots in the entire Santa Cruz Mountains with a thick carpet of redwood sorrel covering virtually everything. While there are a few old growth redwoods, most of the forest is mature second growth, but it is still an extremely pleasant forest. Slate Creek is also very aesthetic with numerous cascades. Here are some of my favorite photos and a short compilation video.

More photos after the jump!


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  1. shane says:

    Looks awesome. Thanks for continuing to post these. This is the second run I have seen you post about that I cannot wait to try (the other being Boggs Mountain)

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