More Big Basin!

I can never get enough of Big Basin State Park! It’s a magical place with towering old-growth redwoods, awesome waterfalls, and great trails. It’s the oldest state park in California and one of the finest. Here is a video of the trail run with the waterfalls in decent flow.

I have blogged about Big Basin many times, most recently this past January when I also made a video. Furthermore, here is a link to a prior post from April 2009 with a trail map and loop outlines along with sublinks to blog posts describing many of those loops with photography.

Finally, here are twenty my favorite photos/compositions from the most recent trail run at Big Basin.

Much more photography after the jump!


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  1. Marc says:

    I have recently come to your blog. I am so impressed with your efforts here, on the trail and with the camera. Great work. Please, keep it going…it inspires me (after my feelings of eny dissipate). Thank you

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