Above the Fog on Windy Hill

With the stable pattern of morning fog and afternoon sun the past week, there have been many opportunities to rise above the fog. Here are some shots from Windy Hill looking over the San Francisco Bay with the Diablo Range rising above. With all the human infrastructure inside the fog layer I could kind of imagine what this area might have looked like when the first explorers arrived in the Bay Area.


Looking down Spring Ridge with the Diablo Range beyond

Diablo Range above the fog

Rose Peak across the Bay

Panorama II

More photos!

Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo from Windy Hill

Sea of Fog

Above the fog

Near the summit of Windy Hill


One thought on “Above the Fog on Windy Hill

  1. Hey Leor,

    Today I ran the loop in pinnacles national monument which you blogged about a couple of months ago. Thanks for the detailed route. It was a bit overcast- but it was an amazing run off the beaten track which i wouldnt have found without your help. thanks!


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