Sun beams through the fog

Fog is one of the most captivating things to photograph from all perspectives – above, within, or in the “twilight” zone. Photography from above the fog produces a submersion feeling for lower elevations with higher land points above the layer like islands in an ocean. Photography from within the fog creates a mystical perception with unusual light and shadows. After all, sometimes a scene is most intriguing when you can’t see all of it. One of the most rewarding places to capture fog is in the “twilight” zone between the fog layer and sunshine where the tiny droplets of moisture that compose fog or mist cause the suns rays to be dispersed. This effect is most dramatic in the forest where beams of light seemingly descend to the ground from the heavens. Since fog is constantly changing it’s depth and coverage, finding the twilight zone is often unpredictable so those moments when it feels like you are in a fairy tale are always special. Fortunately, there is no shortage of fog opportunities in the Bay Area!

On this day I was able to find the twilight zone  at the 1,100 ft elevation on the slopes of Wunderlich County Park with a fantastic display of light through the forest. Here are some of my favorite photos!

Rays of light
Enchanted Forest
Rays of light

Many more photos after the jump!

Light angle
Foggy forest
Douglas Firs in the fog
Redwoods in the fog
More redwoods
Bear Gulch Trail
B&W version of third photo

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  1. Sumi says:

    Hi Leor! I’m a trail runner in this area and read your blog occasionally…and having read this entry, I think I saw you running today! I think we crossed paths towards the bottom of the Dean trail in Huddart – I was the Asian runner in the blue shirt 🙂

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