Cataract Falls

I returned to Mount Tamalpais with Serena to see sunset from Dad O’Rourke’s bench, but beforehand we did a hike in the Marin Watershed, including a stop at gorgeous Cataract Falls. The trail down to Cataract descends an incredibly lush canyon with bright green moss and ferns covering virtually everything. Cataract falls consists of several waterfalls and on this day we only had time to see the upper falls before we had to return up to Rock Springs. The water flow was decent, but this is a must-see destination after a heavy rain and I look forward to returning here after the current barrage of storms passes through and seeing all the waterfalls! Low lighting made it difficult to capture a clear image but here are some photos from the hike!

Cataract Falls
Cascades below Cataract Falls

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Lower falls
Lower Falls
Mossy rocks and trunks
More Cascades
Looking downstream
Beautiful lush setting
The Watershed!
Cataract Falls
Lush setting