Marcel’s Forest – Nisene Marks State Park

The Forest of Nisene Marks is not known for old growth redwoods. However, there is about a dozen big trees near the park entrance that can be viewed from a 1 mile long trail loop. After my trail run, I decided to check out this loop and found some impressively large trees. I was also intrigued by the “Twisted Grove.” Typically redwoods grow very straight, but in this grove all the trees are bending in different directions and twisting around each other. Redwoods are known to sometimes stray from growing straight, but this is an extreme case. The fact that these are large trees makes it all the more impressive. The most plausible theory in my opinion is a genetic issue. The largest tree on the loop is called the Advocate Tree and it is immense!  Why weren’t these trees cut when 24 million square feet of other redwood as ripped out of the canyon? One theory is that loggers used to leave trees that had a tilt because the wood would be of inferior quality. Another is that loggers occasionally left a few old trees in the forest that they felt had particular beauty. I find it hard to believe the second theory, so lets go with human nature and the reduced profitability theory. Here are some photos of the Twisted Grove and the other old growth trees, including the Advocate Tree.

Twisted Grove
Old Growth
Old Growth Loop

More photos after the loop!

Old Growth
The Advocate Tree
The Advocate Tree
Twisted Grove
Twisted Grove
Big Trees

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