Skyline Views

The amazing clarity continued another day so on December 24th I went up to Skyline Blvd. with hopes of seeing clear vistas. The first stop was the summit of Windy Hill for 360 degree views including the Pacific Ocean and Bay Area. Next was a trail run including Sanborn County Park and Castle Rock State Park. The view of the Silicon Valley, Diablo Range, and Santa Cruz Mountains from Sanborn Park and Castle Rock State Park are fantastic. Finally, I saw sunset from the summit of Borel Hill. High wispy clouds made for a spectacular light display changing from orange to pink as the sun set. I visit the parks on Skyline Blvd. often, but it was a special day. Here are over two dozen of my favorite shots!

Afterglow from Borel Hill
Nearing sunset
Evening light on Black Mountain
Setting sun

It wasn’t just a great sunset… many more photos after the jump!

Panorama of Silicon Valley from Sanborn Park
Stevens Creek Canyon
Stevens Creek canyon and Silicon Valley
Saratoga from Sanborn Park
Amazing glow
Layers at Castle Rock
Madrones on the Ridge Trail
Black Mountain from Sanborn Park
Group of deer
San Jose and Silicon Valley
Monterey Bay and the Santa Lucias from Castle Rock SP
Great light
Evening light
Silicon Valley Panorama
Portola Valley from Windy Hill
Palo Alto and Stanford
San Francisco from Windy Hill
Spring Ridge
Just after sunset
Looking across to the Diablo Range from Windy Hill
Mount Hamilton from Sanborn
Another shot of the beautiful glow

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