Since the Facebook albums linked to in my previous post are essentially useless for viewing panoramas (because they come out so tiny you can’t see anything), here are some panoramas from last week. Click on the image to see a larger version. My favorite photos from each location are forthcoming in future posts and I might be able to put together a video slideshow with short clips if I find some time in the next couple weeks.

Stump Beach Cove, Salt Point State Park

View near Dad O'Rourke's Bench, Mount Tamalpais State Park

Mount Tamalpais sunet, Windy Hill, and Sanborn Park panoramas after the jump!

Wide version

Downtown San Francisco from Mount Tamalpais East Peak

Bay Area from Mount Tamalpais East Peak

San Pablo Bay from Mount Tamalpais East Peak

Post sunset glow

Windy Hill view Northeast

Windy Hill view East

Windy Hill view Southeast

SF Bay and Stevens Creek watershed from Sanborn Park

Sanborn Park looking over Silicon Valley

Windy Hill Diablo to Black Mountain

Windy Hill SF to Palo Alto panorama

Extra Wide Panorama from Windy Hill

Wide Panorama from Sanborn Park


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