2009 Mountain Photography Highlights!

The highlights page for 2009 is up on my website! After 2008 featured scenery predominantly from the Washington Cascades, this year’s edition has more shots from California’s Sierra Nevada than ever before. Areas visited in the Sierra include the Minarets, Palisades, Kings-Kern Divide, and Rae Lakes area. The first adventure run of the season was in the lovely Trinity Alps of far northern California and I look forward to returning there in the future. In Washington, trips included Mount Olympus, the Ptarmigan Traverse, Clark Mountain, and the Suiattle Crest. However, photos from Olympus and the Ptarmigan Traverse were not used as much since they were featured prominently in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Please contact me with questions, requests, or comments – I am happy to provide information or sell original quality photos.

Lake Reflection

Here are links to the complete list of highlights pages dating back to 2005!


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  1. George ZARATE says:

    Hello leor,I am blown away at your website!To see all you do is just inspiring for me,especially snow running on junipero serra peak!That mtn is a hike i allways wanted to do.I am 41 and looking to make a change in my life!I have Allways had a not so healthy lifestyle,and have allways liked hiking and mtn biking the Santa Lucia mountian range.Recently I was diagnosed with Lyme desease and got it last year picking wild mushrooms,I want to start a new exercise regime for my life, but I am concerned with getting another bite!Can you tell me how you keep ticks off you and any clothing that will help me with this extreme sport!I think for now,running on the many dirt roads in the Santa Lucia mtns will be what I do until I am recovered from this bite!Thank you for your time, and what you put on the Internet!Keep up all you do and best for the new year!

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