Humboldt Redwoods

While Serena was running on the Avenue of the Giants, I took the opportunity to run on some single track amongst the giant redwoods. I chose the Bull Creek Trail North. This generally parallels Mattole Road where the race was taking place, but you can’t see or hear the road most of the way since the trail is closer to the stream. The redwoods were absolutely stunning and parts of the trail had a cathedral feeling with towering redwood pillars. The trail was relatively flat which was good because I am dealing with lingering tightness issues in my butt that originally occurred about three weeks ago. Enjoy the photos!

Rockefeller Grove
Rockefeller Grove
Bull Creek Trail
Bull Creek Trail
Rockefeller Forest
Rockefeller Forest

More photos after the jump!

Founders Tree
Founders' Tree - 346.1 ft tall
Sweet single track!
Sweet single track!
Founders Grove
Founders' Grove
Lush fern groundcover
Lush fern groundcover

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  1. The Bull Creek trails are quite nice. I’d like to see the path on the south side of the creek next time.

    Just learned about the run in that area when reading this year – I’m just a walker though.



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