Wildflowers at Hidden Villa

Hidden Villa, a farm and wilderness preserve in Los Altos Hills, is a gem. A small but superb network of single track trails travels through a variety of environments: lushly forested canyons with cascading streams, meadows carpeted with wildflowers, and chaparral tunnels. The farm has an assortment of animals, including goats and pigs, a vegetable garden, and a flower garden. I did a trail run through many of the trails in the park during the evening when soft sunlight allowed for great wildflower photography. Here are some photos of the various species of wildflowers in the meadows. I am not very familiar with California wildflowers so I don’t know the name of some.

Gorgeous flowers
Nice flower - Blue-eyed grass (?)
Paintbrush, the petals are naturally "fuzzy"
Golden flowers

In the coming days look for photos of the farm and forest at Hidden Villa.

See more flowers after the jump!

Not sure of name or if it is a native species
Ubiquitous California Poppy
Ubiquitous California Poppy
White flower
White flower
Steep, grassy slopes
Steep, grassy slopes
More paintbrush
More paintbrush

One Comment Add yours

  1. Maggie Shields says:

    Hi – love your photos of the flowers here at HV!
    Could I have permission to use one of the images on our website to accompany the calendar description for a wildflower hike we are holding on May 7?
    I would give photo credit in the description!
    Thank you,
    Community Programs

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