2009 Adventure Run Ideas – CA

Merriam Peak from Royce Lake - July 21, 2007
Merriam Peak from Royce Lake - July 21, 2007

A selection of adventure run possibilities for 2009 and beyond in California’s Sierra Mountains. New for this year is a section for the Northern California Coastal Ranges, which features an appealing mixture of old growth redwoods, rugged coastline, and snowcapped mountains.


  • Middle Palisade: This peak lends itself to the fastest time of the Palisade group with a shorter approach and sustained scramble.
  • Mount Sill: Known as the best viewpoint in the Palisades and an interesting route.
  • North Palisade: The highest point in the Palisades subrange has a more technical finish.
  • Clyde Minaret: The Minarets are gorgeous and this is a cool scramble.
  • Mount Stanford: Named after my alma mater – a sweet mountain in the midst of a very rugged section of the Sierra.
  • Arrow Peak via Bench Lake: Famous view of this symmetrical peak from Bench Lake.
  • Mineral King Area: Tons of great scrambles here.
  • South Guard/North Guard/Mount Brewer: Wild and remote; access from Kings Canyon on the westside.
  • Mount Whitney: The Mountaineers Route is a classic.
  • Mount Russell: Sweet scrambling routes on this mountain next to Whitney.
  • Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne: A point-to-point 33 mile trail run through a spectacular canyon.
  • University Peak: A cool looking mountain out of Onion Valley.

See Coastal Ranges after the jump.

Coastal Ranges:

  • The Trinity Alps: Lots of sweet climbs here in the Klamath Mountain Range.
  • Mount Shasta: Cool looking mountain and equally cool routes.
  • The Lost Coast: Encompassing King Range National Conservation Area and the Sinkyone Wilderness, the Lost Coast is the most remote and wild stretch of coastline on the US West Coast.
  • Miner’s Ridge and James Irvine Loop: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, known as one of the best redwood hikes in the world
  • Look Prairie-Peavine-Thornton Loop: The biggest redwoods in the world at Humboldt Redwoods State Park.
  • Grasshopper Peak: A high point in Humboldt Redwoods State Park with great views.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. grant says:

    Check out Redwood Adventures in Redwood National Park. The have nice cabins / guided adventures right at the trail heads. They also have a hot tub.

  2. Renee says:

    Mt. Shasta actually isn’t in the Coast Range, it’s in the south end of the Cascades. The 14,192′ Mount Shasta has been done by distance runners who start in town (3800′) and run to the summit. A really avid local runner then runs two more peaks (in the same day) for her big triple of the year. If that much climbing isn’t your thing, you can plan to run a circum-navigation that will take several days and challenge your ankles with scree. Better still is the Pacific Crest Trail – from the town of Castella (on I-5) at Castle Crags State Park to the remote town of Etna you can do some serious mileage and get to eat a super ice cream sundae at Etna’s Soda Fountain and help yourself to a big burger and a beer at the Etna Brewery. More on the area at http://www.visitmtshasta.org

  3. Roger LaBranche says:

    Hello! I’m interested in performing a circum Mt. Shasta hike and am interested in any info regarding…from folks that have done it…any info!
    I know that there is no officially defined trail…but I’d still like to undertake it…
    thanks, Roger

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