Huddart/Phleger/Purisima Loop

This fantastic loop was designed by my friend Gary Gellin. It incorporates three parks on both sides of Skyline Blvd, tons of sweet single track under lush redwood forest, a couple good hill climbs, and views to Half Moon Bay and the Pacific Coastline. The loop is 17.5+ miles and has 3,000+ of elevation gain. There is only one mile of repetition along Greer Road at the beginning and end.

The run starts at the landing pad near Historic Woodside and enters Huddart park along Greer Road. You enter an area nice redwoods fairly quickly along Richard Road Trail which is followed by more redwoods on the Mirramontes Trail in Phleger Estate. The first hillclimb (1,200+ feet in 2.3 miles) begins in earnest at the intersection with the Mount Redondo Trail in Phleger. The Mount Redondo trail works its way straight up the slope, sometimes steeply, to the intersection with the Lonely Trail, which is aptly named. The Lonely Trail continues to climb with a steep section near the top that always leave me breathing very hard.

When you get to the next intersection below the Kings Mountain fire station, take a right turn up the hill and find the informal path paralleling the east side of Skyline Blvd heading north. This rolling path amongst redwoods terminates in about 0.5 mile. Run the road a short distance and look for another informal single track path on the westside of Skyline Blvd. This path also parallels Skylne Blvd. (except on the westside) and continues all the way to just before the Purisima Creek parking lot.

From here there is a few miles of generally downhill running where over 1,000 feet of elevation is lost. Start down the North Ridge trail and veer right for the single track option. From the next intersection head straight onto the Harkins Ridge Trail and look out across the forested canyons and meadowy hillsides to Half Moon Bay and the Pacific Coastline – a spectacular view! Take a left turn onto the Soda Gulch Trail and continue down into the depths of the redwood forest. A particularly lush and dark grove of enchanting redwoods is reached at Soda Gulch. This stretch of soft single track is a highlight.

Eventually you pop out onto the Purisima Creek Trail which is a fireroad. The following 1.8 miles features the second hillclimb of the route with ~1,000 feet of gain back up to Skyline Blvd. At Skyline Blvd., cross back over to the westside of Skyline Blvd. into Huddart Park taking the Skyline Ridge Trail to the Chinquapin Trail. The fun single track running continues with the Dean Trail and Bay Tree Trail back to the east meadow and Greer road outlet.

This is one of the best loops in the area!


  • Miles: 17.54
  • Time: 2:17
  • Pace: 7:48 /mile
  • Starting Elevation: ~400 ft
  • High Point: ~2,080 ft
  • Total Gain: 3,000+ ft

Route Itinerary:

  • Trail next to Kings Mountain Road
  • Greer Road Trail
  • Richards Road Trail
  • Mirramontes Trail
  • Mount Redondo Trail
  • Lonely Trail
  • Informal Skyline Blvd Trails
  • North Ridge single track trail
  • Harkins Ridge Trail
  • Soda Gulch Trail
  • Purisima Creek Trail
  • Skyline Ridge Trail
  • Chinquapin Trail
  • Dean Trail
  • Crystal Springs Trail
  • Bay Tree Trail
  • Greer Road Trail
  • Kings Mountain Road Trail


  • Top of Lonely Trail: 44:05
  • Purisima parking lot: 56:45
  • Soda Gulch/Purisima Creek Intersection: 1:25:07
  • Skyline Blvd: 1:40:50
  • Finish: 2:17:00

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