Adventure Running Article

I am honored to have been asked by the Northwest Mountaineering Journal (NWMJ) to write a feature article about my adventure running in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. It was interesting to write about myself. The article was just published. Check it out!

From the journal website:

“The mission of the Northwest Mountaineering Journal is to be an edited, permanent, annual record of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. The journal documents the events, people, history and spirit of climbing and other mountain sports in this region. The journal is published by volunteers from the mountaineering community in collaboration with The Mountaineers.”

Check out the rest of this year’s edition for great photography and awesome mountaineering trips. For more on my Adventure Running, visit my website.


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  1. Buddo says:

    Nice article. You write well. If I lived out west I would try and do the same thing. As is, I live in Philly and have 4 children. I’ll have to experience the peaks vicariously through you. Thanks. I really enjoy the photos on your blog and check in regularly. Keep posting, please.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great article and photos, Leor – congrats on being asked, but I’m sure that they’re glad that they did ask you, given the quality of both your writing and your adventure running.

    Well done!


  3. Will T says:

    Great Article. Keep motivating us and pioneering this sport. I finally did the section of PCT between Steven’s and Snoqualmie because of your influence in Adventure Running. I’m not near as fast as you, but I guess that means I get to enjoy the scenery a little longer. Keep it up! and good luck with the new phase of life, post college.

    p.s. I’m breaking in my 1st pair of LaSportivias. They are light and fast!

  4. kate says:

    Leor- Ran WAY behind you at SttS. Good job. I love your blog, love the Adventure running page- I emailed you; I am sure you have not had time to write. Looks like this article will answer some of my questions. Good luck in future runs.

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