Soaring Eagle Park

Unusually cool late summer weather in Western Washington means no trips to the mountains to finish out my stay here, but great runs. I took the opportunity hit the trails at one of my old stomping grounds – Soaring Eagle Regional Park. I was running the single track here over a decade ago when it was known as Section 36. My friends and I even named several of these trails. In some respects, the park has become more developed with two parking areas and a wide path cutting through the park, but most of the trails have changed little with narrow, windy single track predominant.

Image of a typical path in Soaring Eagle Park from Colin’s Blog

Soaring Eagle is very muddy and boggy for 8 months of the year, but the single track is quite enjoyable from June through the first big rains in October. The area is entirely shaded by a forest of bigleaf maple, douglas fir, western red cedar and western hemlock. There are no major hills in this park, but the single track is rolling and the technical nature of the paths definitely works your legs. On this day I ran at Soaring Eagle for 1:30 (~13 miles), with the first hour of running having no repetition. Here is a detail of the route – the first 55 minutes (1-12) is basically a giant loop of the periphery of the park. While there are many trails at this park, there are maps at most intersections to prevent the newcomer from getting too lost.


  1. Main Parking Lot – Double D Trail
  2. Left on Sleigh Ride
  3. Straight onto Doloop Trail
  4. Left on Iron Gate Trail
  5. Right on Terror Trail
  6. Left on Lightning Trail
  7. Left on Devil’s Slide Trail
  8. Straight onto Blue Jay Way
  9. Right onto South Trail at Grand Junction
  10. Left on Northwest Passage
  11. Right on Katie Lane/North Trail
  12. Straight onto Horse Trail
  13. Straight onto Bone Trail
  14. Right on BWC
  15. Right on Blue Jay Way
  16. Right on South Trail at Grand Junction
  17. Left on Northwest Passage
  18. Right on Katie Lane/North Trail
  19. Straight on Horse Trail
  20. Left on main wide path (water pipeline)
  21. Left on Sleight Ride
  22. Right on Double D

One Comment Add yours

  1. Will T says:

    I’ve only been in there once for just a couple miles, but it’s probably the closest trails to my place. Thanks for the better map. I’ll take that with me next time I’m in there. It’s easy to get twisted around under the big canopy.

    I’ve honestly been a bit afraid to run in there this summer with all the bear issues. I think it’s late enough in the season now, that I should be safe.

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