Portola Valley Ranch Figure-8 Loop

After a few visits, I have successfully designed a long loop through Portola Valley Ranch that is all trails with only a small section of repetition (0.4 mile) along the Arroyo Trail. The run described below makes a figure-8 loop and is a nice combination of single track and wider paths. The setting is mostly in hardwood forest with some hill climbs throughout the run. The elevation ranges from 600 feet to 1,200 feet. The loop encompasses virtually all the trails at Portola Valley Ranch except the Buck Meadow Trail and the Blue Oak Trail. It took me 76 minutes to do this run, but it was 85 degrees at the start and into the low 90’s by the time I finished (i.e. not optimal running weather).

Portola Valley Ranch 10.5 mile Figure 8 Loop: Map Link

  1. Start – El Corte Elementary School (junction of Indian Crossing and Alpine Rd)
  2. Left onto trail along Alpine Road
  3. Left and then right into Ranch House Parking Lot
  4. Straight onto Memorial Trail
  5. Left onto Bay Laurel Trail
  6. Right on Arroyo Trail
  7. Left onto Old Spanish Trail
  8. Right on Lake Trail
  9. Right on Toyon Trail
  10. Right on Old Spanish Trail
  11. Straight onto Coal Mine Trail
  12. Straight onto Old Spanish Trail (short distance)
  13. Left onto Arroyo Trail
  14. Right onto Sunrise Trail
  15. Right on Buck Meadow Drive Fire road (short distance)
  16. Left onto Los Trancos Trail
  17. Left on Black Oak Trail
  18. Right on Deer Path Trail
  19. Left on Sweet Springs Trail
  20. Left on Trail along Alpine Road – Finish

Variation (~10 miles): Turn left on the Buck Meadow Drive Fire Road (instead of right) and take Buck Meadow Trail, heading straight onto Blue Oak Trail and then left on Black Oak Trail with the same finish from here.


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