Mount Williamson Trip Report

The trip report for the fantastic climb of Mount Williamson via the North Fork of Bairs Creek is now posted. Enjoy!!

Williamson is just north of the famous Mount Whitney, but is considered by many climbers to be a more impressive and superior massif. The peak is the second highest summit in California and the sixth highest in the contiguous United States at 14,375 feet, but is guarded by long and arduous approaches. It is a huge mountain with 10,000 feet of relief right out of Owens Valley.

The North Fork Bairs Creek route is the most direct to the summit, although not the easiest with a rugged, brushy, trail-less approach. It is also very scenic passing through a glacier-carved amphitheater and a super fun couloir providing access to the upper slopes. The weather was perfect and the views were some of the best I have seen in the high Sierra and superlative clarity.


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  1. Sarah (PCTR) says:

    WOW! Thanks for the fabulous pics, Leor!! What a perfectly clear day!! I’ve been up Whitney once – the easy way – but in summer, so these snowy photos are so different and so beautiful!!

    Hope you’re well, and that we see you soon.


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