Tahoe on Tap!

I am still running easy these days and not by choice. Not only have the runs been slow, I have also felt generally sluggish and crummy (even at the slow pace) and I still have some pain in my groin area. Maybe I am getting too much sleep these days, hahaha. I am mentally more ready to go than ever but my body isn’t quite responding yet. At least I am out there running in the beautiful weather, if even for only 7-8 miles at a time. I can only hope that the issues will abate soon. The good news is that I am heading up to the ski slopes at North Lake Tahoe tomorrow and I am super excited. I know we are going to hit Squaw Valley on Thursday but the other resort is undecided. It looks like we will have spring snow conditions but cooler temps, which will prevent a slush puddle in the afternoon.

The other good news is that the abbreviated running schedule combined with spring break has allowed me to write a major 45 paper. The biggest assignment between me and graduation is almost complete! The 25 page paper is also coming along well and I can smell the finish line. The general idea is that by doing the work now, I will have free time in April to do fun things, and hopefully by then my groin will be 100%.


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