2008 Adventure Run Ideas – CA

Here is the list of potential adventure runs in California’s High Sierra! Bar exam studies will likely preclude getting to most of these this summer, but I’ll be living in California so there will be plenty of time in the coming years to run through these peaks (and more) in the high Sierra. See Washington adventure run ideas here.

  • Mount Sill: Known as the best viewpoint in the Sierra, this peak is located in the middle of the Palisades subrange and is the sixth highest ranked peak in California (with 300 feet of prominence) at 14,153 ft. The southwest slope is class 2/3 and the north couloir is class 4. I will likely do the north couloir because it has closer access and is more interesting with a steep 500 foot snowclimb followed by rock scrambling.
  • Middle Palisade: Middle Pal is the 11th highest ranked peak in CA at 14,012 feet and is also located within the Palisades subrange. The fastest route is the northeast face and entails a couple thousand feet of scambling and walk around scenic Finger Lake.
  • Russell, Whitney, Muir: The highest point in the continental United States, the Mount Whitney hike is very popular and requires a permit, even for day use. A loop including Mount Russell would only utilize the Whitney Trail on the descent, however. The barren nature of this area, long drive, and red tape doesn’t make it the most attractive.
  • Mount Stanford (South): The most direct route is out of the Onion Valley trailhead and over University Pass. Mount Stanford, known as “one of the shyest major peaks in the Sierra,” stands 13,973 ft and involves some really fun scrambling. Plus, it shares the name of my graduate school so I have to climb it!
  • Arrow Peak & Bench Lake: This mountain is fairly remote with lots of cross-country and trail mileage to access , a cool scramble, and an awesome reflection in Bench Lake. The classic reflection in Bench Lake and of the super aesthetic looking Arrow Peak is what attracts me to this mountain. There are lots of other great peaks in this vicinity that are worth tagging as well. Access is via Taboose Pass.
  • Clyde Minaret: The highest of the famous Minarets, this is one I have had my eye on since I started climbing in the Sierra last summer. This will be super fun run with a solid amount of running on trail and then a great rock scramble.
  • Seven Gables: I have climbed lots of mountains in this region and Seven Gables has always caught my eye. Similar to Mount Goddard, its position West of the main affords spectaculr views. There is lots of trail to access which would be great for running and the climb is accessed from the West side which makes for a shorter drive – big plus!
  • Mount Humphreys: A towering peak that is easily recognizable from a distance. This climb has a really fun scrambling portion.
  • Half Dome: My friend Hari Mix has the record in 2:38 for this 14 mile roundtrip, 4,800 ft elevation gain hike up one of the most famous features in the world.
  • Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne: A point-to-point 33 mile trail run through a super famous canyon.

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