Day Off

I took a day off from running today because my groin muscle is a bit sore and tender, likely from all the steep hills I have been running recently. I can definitely run on it, but I have found it is better policy to give things a chance to heal. My philosophy has always been that running steep trails on a daily basis is not sustainable for my body, but I haven’t been taking my advice lately. Never before have I run so much technical/steep terrain day after day so I realize there will inevitably be some issues – it’s simply part of the game!

Despite having tons of fun on these hilly trails in the woods, I am going to re-insert some of the more moderate runs on flatter surface and try to limit the “tough” runs to three days a week. Instead of running today, I went to Arrillaga gym to lift weights so at least my upper body got a workout! I also plan on inserting some leg weights into the routine, particularly the hip adductor and hip abductor machines, to strengthen those muscles that are so important on the hills.


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