Redwood Regional Run

After taking the MPRE exam in Alameda, it was a great opportunity to run the fine trails of the East Bay. After the test, I drove out to Redwood Regional Park. I parked at 11500 Skyline Blvd and the loop was as follows: Dunn Trail, Graham Trail, West Ridge Trail, the entire French Trail, Orchard Trail (downhill/left), Bridle Trail, Golden Spike Trail, Toyon Trail, West Ridge Trail, Baccharis Trail, and Dunn Trail.

I pegged the loop to be a 90 minute affair so I didn’t feel the need to carry water – mistake! After feeling ok through the cool forest of the French Trail, it started to unravel on the Golden Spike Trail and especially going up the Toyon Trail where direct sunlight was beating me. My quads were also still “pumped” (i.e. tired) from the Foothills Park run on Thursday. I was getting dehydrated and there was no water source making the hill more laborious. It wasn’t that bad, but I definitely finished more tired than usual. The lack of proper hydration and nutrition before the run due to the test in the morning probably had an effect too. Total running time ended up being 1:38 and distance covered was 13.5 miles with about 2,400 feet of elevation gain.

The good news is that the loop provided a great overview of the park environs with the redwoods along the French Trail being totally awesome, as usual. I wanted to check out Black Mountain via Rhus Ridge tomorrow, but I think my legs need a hill break so I hope to do it sometimes early next week.


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