Arrillaga Gym

Today I hit up Arrillaga gym for my first complete gym workout in a long time. I have always enjoyed going to the gym to get “the pump” through some high rep weightlifting. I used to go 4-5 days a week first and second years of law school when weekly running mileage was 20-25 miles per week, but it’s tough to hit the gym when the runs are longer and I have to drive to them. Today I mainly worked the chest, shoulders, and abs. My legs feel pretty good on the whole but I’d like some areas of lingering soreness to completely clear before I resume training. I hope to do an easy run tomorrow and then resume longer trail running later this week. One spot I want to check out for a nice hill run is the Black Mountain trail via Rhus Ridge off Moody Road in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. I have heard great things about this trail and the 2,500 feet of consistent elevation gain will be a good hill workout. I have also not been to El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve in some time and with the dry weather of late trail conditions should be good.

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