Windy Hill Loop

Today I did the Windy Hill Loop and it was awesome as usual. Running time was 1:26 with about 12.5-13 miles covered. Despite a little mud, the sunny skies and fresh air after last week’s rain were a treat. The visibility from the summit of Windy Hill along the Anniversary Trail was spectacular. The sights were all clear, including the East Bay Hills, almost all of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Palo Alto/Stanford below. Spring Ridge is a beautiful undulating carpet of new green grass right now. The great weather is forecasted to persist for much of the week with even warmer temps arriving tomorrow.

Image of the sweet Razorback Trail in Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, courtesy of the Weekend Hike Blog, which does a fantastic job profiling local hikes around the SF Bay Area.

In other news, I made some excellent progress on the 25 page paper this weekend and I am poised to start working on the 35 page paper tomorrow. My goal is to at least have drafts of both papers by the end of next weekend. With no finals to think about in my last semester at law school, I hope to have a relaxing April before graduation and studying for the bar in May.


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