Redwood Regional

Today I did a 12.5 mile run (1:32) in Redwood Regional Park and Joaquin Miller Park in the East Bay outside of Oakland. The run featured about 2,000 feet of gain, but most of it came in very steep sections. The downhill parts were steep, rocky, and muddy making for slow going. I am a hesitant downhill runner so I need to work on opening it up when possible. I felt ok today, not great in the beginning, better in the middle section, and then not so great on the final set of hills. The first run after a day off has a tendency to feel stagnant so hopefully tomorrow I will feel light as a feather!

As further motivation, I am super excited to test out the La Sportiva Fireblade’s I received. The shoe is lightweight at 11.89 oz (477 grams) but still burly with some cushion for the rocks and roots. The shoe was voted the best debut in Runner’s World. The Fireblade comes in gray as well, which is the color that I chose.


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