Portola Valley Part II

On Tuesday I ran in Portola Valley again, except this time in the neighborhoods north of Alpine Road. The running was decidedly not as good as the Portola Valley Ranch area of the previous run. A few of the main trails were ok, but the side trails are either super hilly, narrow, muddy, mangled by horse traffic, or a combination of the above. There were some really nice views of the bay at some points and the mini-ranches were pastoral, but not as scenic as the single track in the forests. It’s a good place to go for a challenging run, but it won’t be staple. I finished up the run in Windy Hill Open Space Preserve which shows much more promise with more traditional trail offerings (I will focus here exclusively next time as there is potential for a nice 9 mile loop). Total run time was 67 minutes (10 miles).


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