Final Class List

I have finalized my schedule for my last semester in law school. I can’t believe this is my last class list – wow, time flies! It is a very random schedule, but it works:

  1. Partnership Taxation
  2. Advanced Legal Research
  3. Advanced Legal Writing – Drafting Contracts
  4. Minority Rights in Israel
  5. Independent Research in Corporate Lawyer Ethics

I am left with no finals, a couple projects, and two papers, one that is 25 pages and another that is 35 pages. I have a total of 11 credits. So far the semester has been sweet with two ski trips under the belt and seemingly non-stop fun. I intend on continuing it! Graduation on May 4th is now just around the corner…

Today I went out for an easy run and felt ok. I wanted to go easy and I adhered to my intention. I did the Elena Road loop for 47 minutes of running – about 7.5 miles. It was nice to get back out Los Altos Hills and I look forward to tomorrow’s run and building back into a routine of running and feeling great!


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